Being a massage therapist, I have tried so many different types of CBD oil, and this is by far the BEST one I have ever tried. Not only do I use it for personal use on my husband and myself, but I now use it on all of my private clients and recommend it to everyone I see. I'm so grateful to have found this CBD oil, it has truly helped not only myself but my clients as well.

Kayla K
Las Vegas, NV

I suffered a collapsed lung recently and had an extended surgery to lift my lung and attach it to my chest cavity wall. I use the Moksha CBD oil on a regular basis to control the debilitating nerve pain. That agonizing pain stopped me in my tracks and the strong pain meds l was prescribed would cause me to sleep the day away. Luckily, all I have to do is apply my Moksha CBD oil and within 20 mins I feel so much better. The relief comes so fast I’m up and about in no time. By using the Moksha CBD oil l can stay awake and get to live a normal lifestyle. The smell is soft and pleasant. I use them all but my favorite is probably the Refresh! When l get low I just go online and order more bc it’s such a simple process. I’m very persnickety and this is one of the few products I trust fully. Do yourself a favor and start feeling like a real person instead of just another patient.

Candy T
Las Vegas, NV

This is not the first cbd product I have tried, but it is the first one to get a review from me. After 40 years of various types of construction work & 50 years of thinking I was indestructible, injuries have taken their toll. Previous attempts of pain relief through the use of cbd oils always ended with the same disappointing result. They smelled terrible, they were greasy and they were useless.It seemed like I was the only person in the world that they didn't work on. Frustrated again & again, I would head back to the only band aid I knew, Tequila. I have a friend who is much bigger than I am & he suffers from gout. He had not been complaining lately, something was wrong. He told me that his Mom, 85 years old & still ornery as ever had been given some of the Moshka cbd oil from a friend. She is not an easy person to please or convince. If it worked for those two, it had to be different. It didn't smell bad. It wasn't greasy and it actually worked. I even told myself it wasn't, but for the first time in God knows how long. I experienced pain free days and nights. My entire attitude and way of life has changed. I stopped drinking alcohol altogether and started enjoying life again. I enthusiastically recommend this line of oils to everyone I talk to. It is the only website I know of that puts their lab test results out there for everyone to read. That is peace of mind right there. I like their saying as well "Live beyond" I have used & will continue to use these 3 oils they make. I really hope they start making some candy bars or Gummy bears. Thank you Moksha cbd Sincerely

Tony H
Las Vegas, NV

My name is Anthony, I’ve delt with chronic knee dislocations, swelling, and leg pain my entire life. Moksha CBD oil has been assisting me several days a week. When pain/swelling are elevated the oil has been working wonders at reducing swelling & easing moderately high levels of pain. Absolutely would recommend giving it a try!

Anthony M
Las Vegas, NV

I have arthritis in my hands and purchased the product to see if it would really work. I was amazed to find that not only did it alleviate the pain, it also brought down the swelling and I was able to use my hands. Since purchasing the product I've used it on my shoulders for pain and also on a spider bite that had caused swelling and itching on my ankle. I highly recommend this product. Not only does it work, it's really fairly priced.

Hansie D
Las Vegas, NV

I was skeptical when I first tried CBD but then I felt how my joints felt much better and found that rubbing on the oil really left me feeling much more relaxed and comfortable. It was not what I was expecting but now I know that this CBD oil is a quality way above other oils.

Yaron G
Las Vegas, NV

I received 3 bottles of the Moksha CBD oil and could not be happier. I have used it several months and have found it to be of high quality and it rubs in easily without a staining residue. The oil did a great job in reducing chronic muscle pain and arthritis discomfort. I loaned my son the product and have not gotten them back, giving evidence of his satisfaction as well. Customer Service has been highly responsive, as they quickly answered questions and explained how to use the product effectively. Discussion was welcomed. The overall service has been personable, and delivery was prompt. I will happily be ordering Moksha CBD oil again. – A satisfied customer!

Las Vegas, NV

Truly is the real deal. This is an amazing product. I have used other products of CBD oil with little to no luck of relieving my back pain. This is the first time that I have gotten true pain relief from a CBD oil. I highly recommend this product. It's the real deal.

Jeremy P
Las Vegas, NV

I have been using CBD oils from Colorado and Florida that were guaranteed, but always a waste of my money. I tried all three of these on a whim and forgot a had them. I had a terrible back ache and used one of the oils and rubbed it in for 7-8 minutes. Then went about my work and never felt my back at the end of the day, I realized my back did not hurt all day. This is top of the line. I sit in a chair all day working in Los Angels and heard about this on FB. WOW, this is the real thing. Thank you guys. I definitely recommend

Bob G
Denver, CO

I have a bunion which causes severe and constant pain. At times I can't walk, let alone exercise without being in pain. I am not a candidate for surgery and have tried may pain killers and ointments that never helped. A friend told me about Moksha CBD. Moksha gives me the pain relief that I have been seeking. Now I can take walks, hike, and run which I have not done in years. I can even wear sandals and high heels and be painless and stylish at the same time. Thank you Moksha CBD.

Alyse G
Annapolis, MD

We have finally found the answer to the PAIN. Jo Jo (my Wife) and I have tried many CBD oils in the past couple of years and they all Helped but the thrill was gone after a few hours. We then found MOKSHA CBD and now we have increased our activity with our daily lives, and the Big advantage is at night I (Mike B.) can get a full nights sleep without getting up to do a Pain Pill.So if you have cronic Pain from living a Full Life MOKSHA is the best thing sence Sliced Bread. Thank You MOKSHA. Mike B. and Jo Jo B.

Mike B. and Jo Jo B.
Louisville, KY

Have all three types. My wife and I use CBD to relieve knee pain, sciatica pain and we just found that it helps to relieve the swelling and pain from ant bites (happens in FL). I plan to reorder.

Monty A
Miami, FL

I have tried many forms of CBD for my better half as she struggles with RA and other body pain. After a few days of massaging the CBD on her back she is feeling a lot more relaxed and much less pain. Still working on her back hoping eventually this will alleviate the pain altogether. Stay Tuned

Fred S
Skokie, IL

I love this product. I have severe pain on my knees due to a surgery. Minutes after massaging the topical oil, i noticed the pain and swelling went down significantly. Since then, the pain has been manageable and i have not had to take any high dose tylenol. Thank you for coming up with an amazing product. The best part is the product is from 100% isolates!

Jennifer K
Henderson, NV

I love to hike and so often after a long hike my legs get sore and I sometimes have pain in my back. I started using Moksha CBD after hiking and there is a huge difference in my recovery time after a strenuous hike. I put it on my legs before bed and I sleep better and wake up without pain. I love that the oil does not feel greasy and smells amazing. I recommend it to anyone who is active for the normal aches and pains as well as active recovery.

Leah S
Henderson, NV

This stuff works!! My wrists were both hurting so I tried this CBD oil and was amazed by the results. My boyfriend used it on his knees and made me order him his own bottle. We are in love with this stuff.

Annette B
Henderson, NV

I have pain my foot my shoulder my legs I use the CBD oil and was please with the result I would recommend it to my friends and family.

Grace S
New York, NY

I have lateral epicondylitis, and a couple of herniated discs in my neck, and after trying some of moksha oil I can honestly say without a doubt this stuff works. At first it is very subtle and sneaks up on you but after about a half hour it becomes very apparent that this stuff works. I cannot recommend it enough. It is a wonderful alternative to pain medication or anything artificial. This is truly a wonderful product.