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We bring you all natural, USA made CBD Products that you can trust. Unlike many CBD Products, Moksha CBD adheres to the highest testing and quality control standards to ensure effective results.


Soothe 700MG

Soothe 700MG

Relax and Rejuvenate with Soothe. Our topical oil creates a soothing feeling when applied to areas of discomfort. Our main ingredients include grapeseed oil, jojoba, arnica and black pepper.

Refresh 700MG

Refresh 700MG

Refresh with the essence of lavender. Apply and let our recipe do the trick. Our ingredients include grapeseed oil, jojoba, arnica, black pepper, sweet almond oil and lavender.

Cool 700MG

Cool 700MG

Help relax your muscles and create a relaxing feel on areas of discomfort. Our ingredients include grapeseed oil, jojoba, arnica, black pepper, tea tree, menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint.


Being a massage therapist, I have tried so many different types of CBD oil, and this is by far the BEST one I have ever tried. Not only do I use it for personal use on my husband and myself, but I now use it on all of my private clients and recommend it to everyone I see. I'm so grateful to have found this CBD oil, it has truly helped not only myself but my clients as well.
Kayla K
Las Vegas, NV
I love this product. I have severe pain on my knees due to a surgery. Minutes after massaging the topical oil, i noticed the pain and swelling went down significantly. Since then, the pain has been manageable and i have not had to take any high dose tylenol. Thank you for coming up with an amazing product. The best part is the product is from 100% isolates!
Jennifer K
Henderson, NV
I have arthritis in my hands and purchased the product to see if it would really work. I was amazed to find that not only did it alleviate the pain, it also brought down the swelling and I was able to use my hands. Since purchasing the product I've used it on my shoulders for pain and also on a spider bite that had caused swelling and itching on my ankle. I highly recommend this product. Not only does it work, it's really fairly priced.
Hansie D
Las Vegas, NV
This stuff works!! My wrists were both hurting so I tried this CBD oil and was amazed by the results. My boyfriend used it on his knees and made me order him his own bottle. We are in love with this stuff.
Annette B
Las Vegas, NV
I have a bunion which causes severe and constant pain. At times I can't walk, let alone exercise without being in pain. I am not a candidate for surgery and have tried may pain killers and ointments that never helped. A friend told me about Moksha CBD. Moksha gives me the pain relief that I have been seeking. Now I can take walks, hike, and run which I have not done in years. I can even wear sandals and high heels and be painless and stylish at the same time. Thank you Moksha CBD.
Alyse G
Annapolis, MD
We have finally found the answer to the PAIN. Jo Jo (my Wife) and I have tried many CBD oils in the past couple of years and they all Helped but the thrill was gone after a few hours. We then found MOKSHA CBD and now we have increased our activity with our daily lives, and the Big advantage is at night I (Mike B.) can get a full nights sleep without getting up to do a Pain Pill.So if you have cronic Pain from living a Full Life MOKSHA is the best thing sence Sliced Bread. Thank You MOKSHA. Mike B. and Jo Jo B.
Mike B
Louisville, KY
I have been using CBD oils from Colorado and Florida that were guaranteed, but always a waste of my money. I tried all three of these on a whim and forgot a had them. I had a terrible back ache and used one of the oils and rubbed it in for 7-8 minutes. Then went about my work and never felt my back at the end of the day, I realized my back did not hurt all day. This is top of the line. I sit in a chair all day working in Los Angels and heard about this on FB. WOW, this is the real thing. Thank you guys. I definitely recommend
Bob B
Denver, CO
I have tried many forms of CBD for my better half as she struggles with RA and other body pain. After a few days of massaging the CBD on her back she is feeling a lot more relaxed and much less pain. Still working on her back hoping eventually this will alleviate the pain altogether. Stay Tuned.
Fred S
Skokie, IL
Have all three types. My wife and I use CBD to relieve knee pain, sciatica pain and we just found that it helps to relieve the swelling and pain from ant bites (happens in FL). I plan to reorder.
Monty A
Miami, FL
I was skeptical when I first tried CBD but then I felt how my joints felt much better and found that rubbing on the oil really left me feeling much more relaxed and comfortable. It was not what I was expecting but now I know that this CBD oil is a quality way above other oils.
Yaron G
Las Vegas, NV
My name is Anthony, I’ve delt with chronic knee dislocations, swelling, and leg pain my entire life. Moksha CBD oil has been assisting me several days a week. When pain/swelling are elevated the oil has been working wonders at reducing swelling & easing moderately high levels of pain. Absolutely would recommend giving it a try!
Anthony M
Las Vegas, NV
I love to hike and so often after a long hike my legs get sore and I sometimes have pain in my back. I started using Moksha CBD after hiking and there is a huge difference in my recovery time after a strenuous hike. I put it on my legs before bed and I sleep better and wake up without pain. I love that the oil does not feel greasy and smells amazing. I recommend it to anyone who is active for the normal aches and pains as well as active recovery.
Leah S
Las Vegas, NV
I have pain my foot my shoulder my legs I use the CBD oil and was please with the result I would recommend it to my friends and family.
New York, NY
Truly is the real deal. This is an amazing product. I have used other products of CBD oil with little to no luck of relieving my back pain. This is the first time that I have gotten true pain relief from a CBD oil. I highly recommend this product. It's the real deal.
Jeremy P
Las Vegas, NV

No matter where you choose to buy CBD oil or shop for CBD oil for sale online, we here at Moksha CBD will remain true to the mission we’ve established from day one.

Unlike many of our competitors, we still source all of our CBD from right here in the USA.

That said, remember that none of our products are designed to cure, diagnose or treat any form of condition or ailment. This can certainly be confusing to the average consumer, as you’ve likely heard all about the benefits of CBD.

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We are proud to state that all of our Hemp Products are made here in the USA


We follow the highest testing and control standards to ensure purity and consistency

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